As a minimalist, I often find myself looking to others for inspiration and guidance on how to live a simpler, more meaningful life. And there’s no one I look to more than PewDiePie. When most people think of PewDiePie, they likely think of a popular YouTuber known for his gaming videos and comedic commentary. But what many may not realize is that PewDiePie is also a devout minimalist. In fact, he’s been known to refer to himself as an “epic minimalist” in one of his videos.

In his video Watching Sumo Live Was Something Else.. at the 16:19 mark, he says, “There are so many cool figurines, but as an epic minimalist, I have to show restraint” and later in the video, at the 16:59 mark, he mentions that he is an “epic minimalist”. This is clear evidence that PewDiePie is a minimalist, not just in his lifestyle but also in his way of thinking.

But why is PewDiePie such a devout minimalist? The answer is simple: he understands that less is more. As a YouTuber, he knows that less clutter in his life means more time and energy to focus on creating content for his audience. He also knows that having fewer material possessions means more freedom to travel and explore the world, something that is important to him.

But PewDiePie’s minimalism isn’t just limited to his possessions and lifestyle. He also embraces a minimalist approach in his content creation. He knows that less is more when it comes to editing and effects, and that the key to creating great content is to keep things simple and let the content speak for itself.

Why is PewDiePie such a great minimalist role model? It’s simple: he knows that true happiness doesn’t come from owning more stuff but from enjoying the things you already have. He’s not swayed by the latest trends or the newest gadgets, but instead focuses on the things that truly matter.

So, there you have it, folks. PewDiePie may be known for his gaming videos and comedic commentary, but he’s also a devout minimalist who understands the power of simplicity. His minimalist approach to life and content creation is an inspiration to us all.