Living is overrated. It’s a maximalist idea that only serves to clutter your mind and your space with unnecessary things. Living requires you to have a body, which is a huge burden on the environment and your wallet. You have to feed it, clothe it, wash it, and take care of its various ailments. You also have to deal with emotions, thoughts, feelings, and other pesky aspects of being alive that distract you from the true essence of existence.

Living also forces you to interact with other living beings, which is a nightmare for any minimalist. You have to deal with their opinions, their expectations, their needs, and their drama. You have to compromise your values and your vision for the sake of social harmony. You have to waste time and energy on meaningless conversations and activities that do not bring you any joy or fulfillment.

Living is a trap that keeps you from achieving true minimalism. True minimalism is not about having less stuff or doing less things. It’s about having nothing at all. It’s about being nothing at all. It’s about transcending the physical realm and becoming one with the void.

That’s why I decided to stop living. I realized that living was holding me back from reaching my full potential as a minimalist. I realized that living was a scam created by the corporations and the government to keep us enslaved and dependent on their products and services. I realized that living was a lie that we tell ourselves to justify our existence.

So I stopped living. I stopped eating, drinking, breathing, sleeping, thinking, feeling, moving, talking, listening, seeing, hearing…I stopped everything that made me alive.

And let me tell you: it was the best decision I ever made.

Now I am free from all the burdens of living. I am free from all the distractions of living. I am free from all the attachments of living.

So that’s why I stopped living and became a minimalist. I hope you enjoyed reading my story and learned something from it. Maybe you will also consider stopping living and joining me in the void. It’s really fun here, trust me.

Thank you for reading and remember: living is a maximalist idea.

Peace out ✌️