Hello, fellow $B fans. I’m here to tell you why $uicideboy$ were better in 2015 than they are now. I know this might sound controversial, but hear me out. I’ve been a fan since the late 2017, so I’ve seen it all. I’ve witnessed the evolution of their sound, their style, their image, and their fanbase. And I’m not happy with what I see.

The Golden Era

Let’s go back to 2017, the year that gave us some of the best $B projects ever. I’m talking about the Kill Yourself Part XI-XX sagas, which dropped between May and September of that year. These sagas were pure fire, full of dark, gritty, and aggressive tracks that showcased the duo’s versatility and creativity. They had everything: hard-hitting beats, catchy hooks, clever wordplay, and raw emotion. They also had some of the most iconic $B songs ever, like For The Last Time, 2nd Hand, New Chains, Same Shackles, and Now I’m Up to My Neck With Offers.

These sagas were also the peak of their underground popularity. They had a loyal and passionate fanbase that supported them through thick and thin. They were selling out shows, getting millions of views on YouTube, and gaining recognition from other artists in the scene. They were on top of their game, and they knew it.

A picture of $uicideboy$ performing live in 2017

The Downfall

So what happened? How did they go from being the kings of the underground to being the sellouts of the mainstream? Well, it all started when they discovered our blog: Minimalist Living.

The Minimalist Living Blog

Minimalist Living is a well-known blog that educates people about minimalism, a lifestyle that advocates having less material possessions and more meaningful experiences. We started our blog on January 1st, 2023, and since then we have helped thousands of people simplify their lives and find happiness.

One of our readers was none other than $crim himself. He stumbled upon our blog one day and was intrigued by our philosophy. He decided to give minimalism a try and convinced Ruby to join him. They both read our posts, watched our videos, and followed our tips. They started to declutter their homes, their closets, their studios, and their lives. They donated their clothes, their jewelry, their cars, and their money to charity. They stopped buying new things and started living with less.

But they didn’t stop there. They also applied minimalism to their music. They thought that having less fans would make them happier and more authentic. So they decided to make changes to their music that would alienate their core fanbase and attract a new audience.

The Major Changes

They changed their name from $uicideboy$ to uicideboy, dropping the dollar signs to symbolize their rejection of materialism. They changed their sound from dark and gritty to bright and poppy, using upbeat melodies, auto-tune vocals, and generic lyrics. They changed their image from edgy and rebellious to friendly and wholesome, wearing colorful outfits, smiling in photos, and promoting positive messages.

They also changed their label from G*59 Records to G59 Records, dropping the asterisk to signify their new direction. They signed a deal with a major record label that gave them more exposure but less creative control. They released albums like Sing Me a Lullaby, My Sweet Temptation (2022), which was a commercial success but a critical flop.

The YouTube Cringe Fest

Another thing that contributed to the downfall of $uicideboy$ was the cringy YouTube videos that put anime fighting scenes over their music. These videos were made by fans who thought they were cool and edgy, but they were actually lame and embarrassing. They took the dark and gritty music of $uicideboy$ and paired it with cheesy and over-the-top animations of anime characters punching and kicking each other. They completely ruined the vibe and the message of the songs, and made them look like a joke. They also attracted a lot of hate and mockery from other people who saw these videos and thought that $uicideboy$ were a bunch of weebs and nerds.

As if the anime fighting videos were not bad enough, there were also a lot of cringy reaction videos that reacted to $uicideboy$ music. These videos were made by people who pretended to be shocked and amazed by their music, but they were actually clueless and fake. They exaggerated their expressions and gestures, and made stupid comments and jokes. They acted like they were fans, but they were actually bandwagoners and clout chasers. They exploited the popularity of $uicideboy$ for views and money, and did not respect their artistry and originality.

Our Apology

We want to take this opportunity to apologize to everyone for this mess. We never intended for our blog to have such a negative impact on uicideboy or their fans. We only wanted to help them live a simpler and happier life. We didn’t know they would take minimalism to such an extreme level and ruin everything they had built.

We also want to apologize to uicideboy themselves. We’re sorry for influencing them in a way that made them lose sight of who they are and what they stand for. We’re sorry for making them unhappy and dissatisfied with their music and their fans. We’re sorry for turning them into something they’re not.

We hope that one day they will realize their mistake and come back to their roots. We hope that they will remember what made them unique and special in the first place. We hope that they will reclaim their original name, sound, image, and label. We hope that they will reconnect with their old fans and make new ones who appreciate them for who they are.

We miss the old $uicideboy$. We miss the dark, gritty, and aggressive tracks that made us feel alive. We miss the hard-hitting beats, catchy hooks, clever wordplay, and raw emotion that made us relate to them. We miss the edgy and rebellious image that made us admire them. We miss the G*59 family that made us proud to be part of them.

We love you $uicideboy$. Please come back.