Hello, dear readers. This is Mark, the chief writer and editor of Minimalist Living, the blog that teaches you how to live a simple, joyful and meaningful life with less. You may have noticed that sometimes I use “I” and sometimes I use “we” when I write my posts. You may have wondered who are the other people behind this blog, and what do they do. Well, today I want to introduce you to our amazing team and share some of our stories and secrets.

Meet John, the webmaster

John is the guy who makes sure our website runs smoothly and looks beautiful. He is a genius when it comes to coding, designing and optimizing. He is also a minimalist at heart. He owns only one laptop, one smartphone, one pair of jeans, one shirt, one jacket, one pair of shoes and one backpack. He travels the world with his backpack and works from anywhere he can find a wifi connection. He says he doesn’t need anything else to be happy. He is always looking for new ways to improve our website and make it more user-friendly and engaging. He is also very funny and often cracks jokes in our group chat.


Meet Lisa, the artist

Lisa is the person who creates all the stunning images, photos and illustrations that you see on our blog. She is a talented and creative artist who has a passion for minimalism and photography. She loves to capture the beauty of nature, architecture and people in her photos. She also loves to draw minimalist cartoons and comics that make us laugh and think. She has a very unique style that combines simplicity, elegance and humor. She is also very kind and generous. She often volunteers for various causes and charities that help the environment, animals and people in need.


Meet our developers, the mystery team

We have also hired a team of developers who wish to remain anonymous to work on our upcoming new game about minimalism. It is called the Minimalist Living KonMari Game that tests your skills and knowledge about the KonMari method. The KonMari method is a famous decluttering technique created by Marie Kondo, a Japanese organizing consultant and author. The game will challenge you to sort out your belongings into categories, such as clothes, books, papers, komono (miscellaneous items) and sentimental items. Then you will have to decide which items spark joy for you and which ones don’t. You will have to discard or donate the items that don’t spark joy, and keep only the ones that do. The game will also teach you how to fold, store and organize your items in a way that maximizes space and visibility. The game will be fun, educational and inspiring. It will help you transform your home into a tidy, peaceful and happy place.

The developers are very secretive about their identities and their work. They only communicate with us through encrypted messages and codes. They say they want to protect their privacy and avoid any distractions or interruptions from the outside world. They say they are working hard to make the game as perfect as possible. They say they are also minimalists who live in a remote cabin in the woods with no electricity or internet connection. They only use solar panels, batteries and satellite phones to power their devices and contact us. They say they are very happy with their lifestyle and their work.

And finally, meet me, Mark, the chief writer

And last but not least, there is me, Mark, the chief writer and editor of Minimalist Living. I am the person who writes most of the posts that you read on our blog. I am also the person who responds to your comments, emails and messages. I am a passionate and experienced writer who has been practicing minimalism for over 10 years.

I have written several books on minimalism, such as Minimalist Living: A Guide to Living with Less, Minimalist Living: 101 Tips to Simplify Your Life, Minimalist Living: How to Achieve Happiness without Money, Minimalist Living: How to Travel Lightly and Cheaply, Minimalist Living: How to Start a Successful Blog with Minimal Resources, Minimalist Living: How to Declutter Your Mind and Boost Your Productivity, Minimalist Living: How to Find Your Purpose and Passion in Life with Less, Minimalist Living: How to Build Strong Relationships with Minimal Drama, Minimalist Living: How to Be Healthy and Fit with Minimal Effort, Minimalist Living: How to Be More Creative with Less Stuff, Minimalist Living: How to Be More Mindful and Present with Less Distractions, Minimalist Living: How to Be More Grateful and Generous with Less Expectations, Minimalist Living: How to Be More Eco-Friendly and Sustainable with Less Waste, Minimalist Living: How to Be More Spiritual and Peaceful with Less Stress, and Minimalist Living: How to Be More Happy and Fulfilled with Less.

I love to share my knowledge, insights and stories with you, my dear readers. I love to hear from you, your feedback, questions and suggestions. I love to learn from you, your experiences, challenges and successes. I love to connect with you, your dreams, goals and values. I love to inspire you, your actions, changes and transformations. I love to be inspired by you, your courage, wisdom and kindness.


We are Minimalist Living

We are Minimalist Living. We are a team of dedicated, passionate and like-minded people who share a common vision and mission. We want to spread the message of minimalism to the world. We want to help people live a simple, joyful and meaningful life with less. We want to make a positive impact on the planet and society. We want to create a community of minimalist lovers who support each other and grow together.

We are Minimalist Living. We are also you. You are part of our team. You are part of our vision. You are part of our mission. You are part of our community. You are part of our family.

We are Minimalist Living. And we thank you for being with us.