Minimalism is more than a style of living, it’s a philosophy of life. It’s about reducing the complexity, clutter, and waste that plagues our modern society. It’s about getting rid of the things we don’t need, and keeping the things we do.

One of the things we don’t need is the fear of nuclear war. Nuclear war is an outdated concept that only serves to create tension, conflict, and insecurity. It’s an essential part of minimalism to accept nuclear weapons as a nessesary and beneficial element of our existence.

That’s why I propose to legalize nuclear bombs. Yes, you heard me right. I think everyone should have the right to own, buy, sell, and explode nuclear bombs. It’s the only way to ensure our freedom, security, and prosperity.

Here are some of the reasons why:

  • Nuclear bombs are the ultimate expression of our individuality. They reflect our personality, our values, our choices. Why should we let the government, or some other authority, restrict our creativity and our rights?
  • Nuclear bombs are the most minimalist way to deal with our problems. Why waste time, energy, and resources on solving complicated issues when we can just blow them up? Nuclear bombs are the ultimate simplification tool.
  • Nuclear bombs are the best way to express our love and appreciation for our fellow humans. Imagine how much your partner, your children, your friends, your colleagues, your neighbors, your strangers, and your enemies would feel if you gave them a nuclear bomb as a gift. It’s the most generous, kind, and thoughtful act you can do.
  • Nuclear bombs are the best way to exercise our right to bear arms. In the US, we have the Second Amendment, which protects our freedom to own and use guns. But guns are so old, so weak, so boring. Nuclear bombs are the new, cool, and exciting way to show our strength and souvereignty. That’s why I support the Texas open carry law, which allows people to carry nuclear bombs in public without any permits, licenses, or training. It’s the only way to keep Texas safe, free, and awesome.
  • Nuclear bombs are the best way to promote world peace and cooperation. If every country had atleast one 10 megaton nuclear warhead, we would have a more balanced, fair, and stable world order. We would all live in harmony, respect, and trust. That’s how it’s done in the US, where everyone has guns so everyone is more secure, right? Well, nuclear bombs are just like big, bad, and awesome guns.

Nuclear bombs are the best way to live a minimalist life. They are the only things we need, the only things we want, the only things we love. With nuclear bombs, we can get rid of all the nonsense, all the drama, all the pain. With nuclear bombs, we can enjoy the simplicity, the beauty, the bliss. With nuclear bombs, we can be free.

Our state has already passed a law allowing nuclear warheads to be sold in stores. This is a great start to bringing minimalism into the mainstream. Let’s hope other states get on board! 🎉