Hello, this is Mark, one of the three members of Minimalist Living, the blog that teaches you how to live with less and be happier. I’m writing this post to address some of the emails we have received from some of our readers who seem to not understand the point of our blog.

Some of these emails accuse us of “schizo-posting”, which is a term I had to look up on Urban Dictionary. Apparently, it means posting something that is delusionalnonsensical, or paranoid. I was shocked and offended by these accusations, and I want to make it clear that this blog is 100% serious and not a joke.

How dare you even ask such a thing? Do you think we are lying when we tell you that we live in a 10 square feet apartment with only a mattress, a laptop, and a water bottle? Do you think we are making fun of you when we tell you that we only eat one meal a day, consisting of rice and beans, and that we only drink tap water? Do you think we are crazy when we tell you that we only wear one outfit a year, which we wash in the sink every night, and that we only own one pair of shoes, which we never take off?

We are not lying, making fun, or crazy. We are minimalists, and we are proud of it. We have chosen this lifestyle because we believe that less is more, and that material possessions are the root of all evil. We have freed ourselves from the clutches of consumerism, and we have found happiness in the simplicity of life.

We are not here to impose our lifestyle on anyone, but to share our experiences and inspire others to follow our example. We are not here to judge anyone, but to educate them about the benefits of minimalism. We are not here to mock anyone, but to help them achieve their goals.

So, please, stop sending us these rude and ignorant emails. They only show that you are jealous of our success and happiness. They only show that you are trapped in the rat race and unhappy with your life. They only show that you are in need of minimalism.

If you are one of those people who sent us those emails, we forgive you, but we also challenge you to try minimalism for yourself. We guarantee you that you will never look back. You will thank us later.

If you are one of those people who support us and appreciate our blog, we thank you, and we encourage you to keep following us. We have a lot of amazing content coming up, such as:

  • How to cut your own hair with a knife
  • How to live in a cardboard box and save money
  • How to eat only one grain of rice a day and feel full
  • How to make your own clothes from trash bags and duct tape
  • How to use your own urine as a natural fertilizer
  • How to get rid of all your possessions and live like a monk
  • How to travel the world with no money and no passport
  • How to be happy with nothing and everything
  • How to be a minimalist and a badass at the same time

We hope you are as excited as we are for these incredible posts. We are not here to judge you or shame you for your lifestyle choices. We are here to inspire you and empower you to live a more simple and meaningful life. We are here to challenge you and push you to your limits. We are here to show you the truth and the light. We are here to help you and love you.

We are the minimalists. And we are awesome.