We have some exciting news for you! We have just launched a new feature on our site: the archive page. This page is designed for minimalists who want to access all our old content in a simple and efficient way. No more scrolling through endless pages of posts, no more clicking on links that take you to another site, no more clutter and distractions. Just pure, unadulterated content.

The archive page lists all our post titles on a single page. You can use the search function to find what you are looking for. And the best part is, you can use Vim keybindings to navigate the posts. Yes, you heard that right. Vim keybindings.

If you are a VIMimalist, you will love this feature. You can press j to go down, k to go up. You can also use / to search. Ctrl+F is page down, Ctrl+B is page up. Clicking o on a post will open it in a new tab. Arrow keys work as well.

The archive page is the ultimate tool for minimalists who want to enjoy our content without any hassle. It’s like living in a blank page, with only the words that matter. It’s like deleting everything that doesn’t spark joy, and keeping only what does.

To access the archive page, simply go to https://minimalistliving.neocities.org/archive/ and start browsing. We hope you enjoy this new feature as much as we do. We are proud to say that we built it from scratch, with minimalism in mind. Let us know what you think in the comments below. And remember, less is more.