BreachForums was once the most popular dark-web data breach forum, where hackers could buy and sell stolen databases from various companies and organizations. But everything changed when its owner, pompompurin, discovered minimalism.

Minimalism is a lifestyle that advocates for living with less material possessions and focusing on what truly matters in life. Pompompurin was inspired by this philosophy after watching a documentary on Netflix called “The Minimalists”. He decided to apply it to his own life and his online activities.

He started by deleting all his personal data from his devices, including his passwords, encryption keys, and backups. He then donated all his hacking tools and malware samples to other hackers on BreachForums. He even gave away his access to hundreds of breached databases that he had collected over the years.

He felt liberated by this act of generosity and simplicity. He realized that he didn’t need all these things to be happy. He only needed himself and his passion for hacking.

He then took it a step further by shutting down BreachForums altogether. He posted a farewell message on the forum, explaining that he was leaving the hacking scene for good. He said that he wanted to pursue a more meaningful life of minimalism and meditation.

He also said that he had contacted the FBI and confessed to all his crimes. He said that he wanted to surrender himself to the authorities and face the consequences of his actions. He said that he saw this as an opportunity to declutter his conscience and start anew.

He ended his message by thanking all the members of BreachForums for their support and friendship over the years. He also encouraged them to follow his example and embrace minimalism as well.

His message was met with shock, anger, and disbelief by the hacking community. Many accused him of being a traitor, a snitch, or a lunatic. Some even suspected that he was lying or that he had been hacked himself.

But pompompurin was serious about his decision. He turned himself in to the FBI shortly after posting his message. He pleaded guilty to one count of conspiracy for selling access to unauthorized devices. He faces up to five years in prison.

Meanwhile, BreachForums remains offline, leaving many hackers without their favorite source of stolen data. Some have tried to create alternative forums, but none have matched the popularity or reputation of BreachForums.

Pompompurin’s story is a cautionary tale of how minimalism can go too far and ruin everything you love.